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Did you know?

  • That we can give you a dazzling white smile
  • That as dental check-ups increase, the incidence of problems decreases
  • That we can show you which treatment options will save you money and time. Think about it!
  • That if you are ever disappointed in our dental work, tell us and we will fix it.
  • That we can provide good alternatives to amalgam fillings-choose your colour.
  • That laughing gas can make your visit very pleasant
  • That in 2008 the average 65-year old has 18 of their own teeth compared to 7 in 1960 How many will you have?
  • That we have taken a fresh preventative approach to the treatment of children
  • Problems with the condition of your teeth and gums can have a bad effect on your general health.
  • Our hygienists are very gentle and can teach you how to avoid gum disease cheaply

Video Clip of Practice

27 Jul 2017

Video Clip of Practice Read more ›

Credit and Payment Options

15 Aug 2016

Health, Wealth, Insurance and Payment Read more ›

Mini Implants

04 Jul 2016

Richard Jack is placing mini Implants to help patients fill gaps between their teeth . These types of implant can be a very economic way to hold a full denture in place as well. Read more ›

One Visit Rhondium Crowns

09 Oct 2015

We have started using Rhondium Crowns as a cheaper ,more conservative ,quicker method of restoring broken teeth Read more ›

Resin Fibre Bridges

22 Jan 2015

A new way to fill unsightly gaps Read more ›

What are Autoclaves ?

27 Jul 2017

Why are Autoclaves necessary , why not just have one ? Read more ›

Extra Dentist and Extra Hours

19 Apr 2015

We are now able to offer late nights and Saturday morning appointments. Read more ›

Privacy Policy

27 Jul 2017

Mt Eden Dental Surgery Privacy Policy Read more ›

Child Protection Policy

27 Jul 2017

Child Protection Policy Read more ›