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Our staff

Our patients have high expectations and deserve the best. We are proud to have the staff to meet those expectations.

Our Dentists are very experienced and caring. Our Assistants and Reception Staff enjoy their work and have worked with us in many cases for years. There is nothing we haven't seen before or can't handle.

Honestly we enjoy our work and want to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Dr Michael Burns | Dentist

Dr Michael Burns

Mike was born in Wellington. He is another esteemed graduate of the Otago School of Dentistry. Mike has a wealth of experience and has worked in Mt Eden since 1990. He is affectionately referred to as 'the nice guy' of Dentistry, his skill levels are second to none and he can make a difficult job seem easy. He has three "adult boys " and is actively involved in their lives and sports, as well as golf, boating, fishing and skiing.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Mike's enthusiasm for his job and his patients make him a very popular dentist.

Dr Keith Hoolihan | Dentist

Dr Keith Hoolihan

Keith Hoolihan graduated from Otago Dental School in 1978. Auckland is Keith's hometown, he worked at Auckland Hospital and also in general practice in England and West Germany before settling in Mt Eden in 1985. Keith has three adult children. He enjoys his work, loves music, yoga and the beach in Summer. Winter will find him out each Saturday refereeing Soccer.

"We have a very special practice here and I want to make every patient who walks through our door feel special as well."

Dr Richard Jack | Dentist

We are very lucky to have Richard join us in the practice. Richard grew up in Mt Eden and was a patient of the practice , inspired to become a Dentist he obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Adelaide University and since then has worked for 5 years in General Practice in Australia. Richard brings great enthusiasm as well as this experience to the practice. It is refreshing for us all to have a graduate from an Australian Dental School where the teaching is of a very high standard. His knowledge of modern materials and new techniques will reinvigorate our practice. His friendly and good humoured approach is much appreciated by all the staff and patients.

Dr Don Macalister | Oral Surgeon

For many years we are fortunate to have had a successful working relationship with Don Macalister who operates from our Surgery most weeks. This means anybody requiring Oral Surgery such as Wisdom Tooth removal or advice on tricky issues can be seen by him very conveniently. Don is a very skilled and experienced Oral Surgeon. He has developed an amazing Intravenous Sedation Technique using very precise modern equipment to administer sedation with target controlled infusion. Don lectures internationally on this subject and is considered an expert.

Rose | Hygienist


Rose has a BDS from Otago University and worked as a Dentist for 10 years before having a family. We are thrilled to be able to offer you her level of knowledge and skill as a hygienist. Rose has got a loyal following of patients within our practice to whom she has become something of a personal trainer for their periodontal care. Having had three children she is great with kids and young people who appreciate her easy going, low key approach.

Marnie | Hygienist


Marnie is a New Zealand qualified Dental Therapist. Originally from Taranaki but now living in Mt Eden. She is a great friend to many of our patients, putting them at ease with her friendly manner. A visit to the hygienist should be fun as well as beneficial. Marnie is just perfect with children and a visit to her is great introduction to the practice for them.

LOUISE | Oral Health Therapist

Lou Compressed (2).jpg

Louise grew up in rural South Australia. She worked as a Dental Assistant before passing her Bachelor of Oral Health at Adelaide University. Louise moved to NZ with her Kiwi partner and has worked in Auckland as a Dental Hygienist in private practice, as well as using her qualifications to work part time for the School Dental Service as a Therapist. Louise has a passion for Dentistry and with her high skill levels strives to help improve the oral health of child, teenage and adult patients alike. She is a keen horse rider and animal lover who enjoys exploring NZ. We are very proud to have Louise working here .

Angela Mans-Salt

Angela is our Practice Coordinator. She has a nursing background and worked for us at first as a Dental Assistant ,when she first came to New Zealand from Holland. Her kiwi husband was a patient of the practice his whole life. Angela has a couple of children now and has a busy life looking after them plus all of us.

Penelope Edgecombe

Penny has worked with us for many years now. At one stage we had one of Penny's daughters as an employee as well. After a stint overseas Penny is back working on Reception part time. She is a great person to have around and is valued by the other staff as well as the patients.


Carmen works with us part time now ,often on reception but also helping out clinically. Carmen is a wonderful, calm , helpful person . She had been working with us full time before starting a family . We are happy to have her back on the team.


Monica is a Dentist from Hyderabad , a wonderful ,bustling ,modern city in India. Calm and joyous Monica is now working for us as a Dental Assistant whilst she sits her registration exams in New Zealand.


Stacey is another local mother who has worked for us for a while. She has two little daughters who require a lot of her time so is happy to work part time.


Kelly is our youngest staff member and we love having her here . She is a keen ,thoughtful, good natured person who is trying her best to teach us how to behave like "today's people" . Naturally we are keen to learn.

Lewis Hamilton | Dental Technician

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis runs the Mt Eden Crown & Bridge Studio from our premises. He manufactures advanced restorative work for Dentists all over New Zealand. For our patients he can precisely match colour and size when we are doing porcelain cosmetic work. Lewis has worked with us for many years. He lives in Mt Eden with his family and like us is always going to provide the best long term technical solution.


Registered Nurse working with Don Macalister. Very experienced with IV sedation and post operative care.


Registered Nurse working with Don Macalister. A great surgical nurse.