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If you have a healthy mouth and perfect teeth, apart from that gap which you hate, then Titanium Implants are the way to go. The Implant is placed into the bone of the jaw and a crown is then attached to the Implant. The procedure is not as simple as it sounds and often we recommend that an Implantologist or Periodontist who specialises in gums is involved in the placement of the Implant.This is especially true if we are looking at the reconstruction of a neglected mouth. Step 1 is get the foundation solid before building the crowns on top.

We also offer Mini Implants for simpler cases as these can be placed relatively quickly and economically. They are perfect for stabilising full dentures as well as filling a gap where they are indicated. See our article in the “Did you know” section for more information.

Note: If your mouth is not suitable for implants, there are other methods of filling the gap such as metal partial dentures, and bridges.

Looks easy.... when you know what you are doing.